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Wildcat PT Club

Wildcat PT Club

Wildcat PT Club

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My approach

I use strength-focused training methods to help my clients to get stronger, fitter, transform their body and build their confidence, whilst supporting and motivating every step of the way.

What you are getting
from my programme

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Your starting point

  • You will receive a download link to the app
  • In the app there is a video introduction with a walkthrough of the programme, ensuring everybody gets a good start
  • Baseline measurement to establish your starting point
Weekly activities

Workouts and challenges

  • 3 weekly workouts programmed by me, combining strength and cardio and including mobility and stretches for your recovery
  • Video instructions on the correct technique
  • New fun and engaging challenges every week
Follow up

With you all the way

  • Regular check-ins with me – I’ll be checking in on your weekly workouts, chatting to you about your progress and supporting you every step along the way!
  • Direct messaging within the app for any support or questions
  • Dialogue in the group chat with myself and the other participants to help hold each other accountable and support each other

Focus on your results

  • See your weekly activity level and number of active weeks
  • Continuous tracking of your individual fitness and strength progress
  • Goals will be changed according to the season to ensure continued motivation

Energy and motivation

  • Participate in the group and complete the same workouts
  • Mark the activities you complete
  • Completed activities gives a green tick mark – the goal is to get as many as possible both individually and in the group

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My own transformation

Meet LJ

A little about myself

Hi team, I’m LJ! I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor based in West London. I have had over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry – training clients, teaching classes, managing teams, and educating new Instructors. I have trained clients on a Bespoke 1:1 basis since 2013, and have taught classes in many of London’s boutique fitness studios, as well as working with companies on their Corporate Fitness offerings.


During the last 8 years as a Personal Trainer, my clients have included Oscar winners, Grammy winners, Royalty, HNWI, actors, students, office workers, busy parents and everyone in between.


Fitness quite literally changed my life, and my aim is to share my passion and expertise, and show you how exercise can change your life, too. I’m here to help you achieve the strength and confidence that you have always dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is suitable for beginners as well as those who have done strength training before, but who want to improve their performance or technique, or add variety to their training.

The programme has no end date. However, I recommend staying on for at least 3 months. This is to ensure continuous improvement and results.

There will be 3 workouts per week that you can choose to complete, whenever you have time.

The programme opens for applications once per month, you can see the next start dates in the top of the page. The first payment will first be deducted on the chosen start date.

This programme can be performed in any gym or fitness centre, and also very easily at home providing you have access to dumbbells and a resistance band. The programme requires very little space.

All you need is dumbbells and a small loop resistance band. Beginners can use light dumbbells to start. Weight can be increased over the weeks to progress and also when repeating the program to both build and maintain strength.

If you are injured, then please get in contact with me before signing up for the program at info@wildcatfitness.co.uk.

You can sign up to the programme at any date before the start date of the bootcamp.

Join my online PT Club to transform your body and strengthen your mind


After using strength based training to transform my own body 15 years ago, I help my clients get stronger, make lasting changes to their body and build their confidence using strength focused training methods.

Photography by Steve Currie

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