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10 week programme & club

10 week programme & club

10 week programme & club

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My approach

I use strength-focused training methods to help my clients to get stronger, fitter, transform their body and build their confidence, whilst supporting and motivating every step of the way.

What you are getting
from my programme

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Build the foundation

10-week strength programme


You will receive a download link to the app. In the app you will have the full programme and you will be able to interact with me and the other participants.

Collective walkthrough of the bootcamp programme, ensuring everybody gets a good start

  • 3 brand new workout sessions each week that build in intensity
  • The sessions combine strength and cardio and include mobility and stretches for your recovery
  • Each session is fully programmed by me!
  • These methods have been used with my own 1:1 clients over the past 8 years and consistently produce results

Continuous tracking of your individual fitness and strength progress

I’ll be checking in on your weekly workouts, chatting to you about your progress and supporting you every step along the way!

Direct messaging within the app for any support or questions on the programme.

New fun and engaging challenges every week

Dialogue in the group chat with myself and the other participants to help hold each other accountable and support each other


Collective follow-up on the bootcamp celebrating accomplishments and transformations

Continue the journey

Wildcat PT Club membership

After the 10-week Programme has ended, you will be secured a spot in the Wildcat PT Club. You will get transferred automatically and you can of course choose to opt out. Together we will continue the journey towards improved strength and confidence, with both mine and the online community’s motivation behind you. Note that the 10-week programme is a prerequisite for the club.

  • Continue/maintain a good training routine
  • Strength and cardio workouts
  • 3 weekly workouts and regular challenges
  • Continuous progress tracking and direct check-ins with me
  • Supportive and motivating community

Read what my happy clients say

My own transformation

All in the app

Everything you need, wherever you are

Continuously measure your performance against your baseline

All exercises are instructed by me through small short exercise videos that you can play at your convenience.

We support and push each other throughout the program to ensure that we collective reach our desired results.

Meet LJ

A little about myself

Hi team, I’m LJ! I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor based in West London. I have had over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry – training clients, teaching classes, managing teams, and educating new Instructors. I have trained clients on a Bespoke 1:1 basis since 2013, and have taught classes in many of London’s boutique fitness studios, as well as working with companies on their Corporate Fitness offerings.


During the last 8 years as a Personal Trainer, my clients have included Oscar winners, Grammy winners, Royalty, HNWI, actors, students, office workers, busy parents and everyone in between.


Fitness quite literally changed my life, and my aim is to share my passion and expertise, and show you how exercise can change your life, too. I’m here to help you achieve the strength and confidence that you have always dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is suitable for beginners as well as those who have done strength training before, but who want to improve their performance or technique, or add variety to their training.

The programme lasts 10 weeks and starts on the date that you choose from the available options.

There is a limit of 40 participants per programme and the slots are filled on a first come, first-served basis. So be sure to secure your spot today.

There will be 3 workouts per week that you can choose to complete, whenever you have time.

A programme starts once per month, so make sure to sign-up before the start date.

This programme can be performed in any gym or fitness centre, and also very easily at home providing you have access to dumbbells and a resistance band. The programme requires very little space.

All you need is dumbbells and a small loop resistance band. Beginners can use light dumbbells to start. Weight can be increased over the weeks to progress and also when repeating the program to both build and maintain strength.

If you are injured, then please get in contact with me before signing up for the program at info@wildcatfitness.co.uk.

You can sign up to the programme at any date before the start date of the bootcamp.

Join me on the next online programme to transform your body and strengthen your mind


After using strength based training to transform my own body 15 years ago, I help my clients get stronger, make lasting changes to their body and build their confidence using strength focused training methods.

Photography by Steve Currie

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